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The OECD has recently designed the OECD Business Cycle Clock to better visualize business cycles - fluctuations of economic activity around their long term potential level - and  how some key economic indicators interact with the business cycle.

Data from countries worldwide is available. Click on this link to find out yourself:

Free statistical data

World Fact Book (CIA)
This online book with facts about every country in the world is updated periodically throughout the year by the CIA. For more current information on leadership, see World Leaders.

UNdata (UN)
The new statistical database of the United Nations.

World Bank Data Visualizer (The World Bank group)
The time series used in Data Visualizer is a subset of 2009 World Development Indicators database. It contains 49 indicators for 209 countries and 18 aggregates from 1960-2007. Data includes social, economic, financial, information & technology, and environmental indicators. You should really look into this. It is fun and very educative.

World Statistics Year 2013

Because statistics have powerful and far-reaching effects on everyone 2013 is proclaimed the International Year of Statistics. More than 1,200 organizations - professional statistical societies, colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools, businesses, government entities, and research institutes - are participating in this worldwide event. Many of them develop initiatives to commemorate the International Year of Statistics. The founding organizations of Statistics2013 are the American Statistical Association, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, International Biometric Society, International Statistical Institute (and the Bernoulli Society), and Royal Statistical Society. One of the initiatives is a video contest. See some examples on our website and go to to learn more about the different activities.

Website news

Unfortunately we can no longer use the great globe from NeoWorx showing our visitors worldwide. NeoWorx has stopped offering this service. We will soon implement another way of showing our visitors worldwide.

Due to excessive levels of suspicious 'user account requests' (some 200 a day) we have turned off the possibility of automated registration as user of Statistics Worldwide. The use of CAPTCHAS could help but the introduction of them on other websites turned out to be rather useless as the spammers use human beings to handle them.


On LinkedIn a group named 'Statistics Worldwide' has been created for people that are interested in the activities of Statistics Worldwide. Provided that the information is interesting for visitors of Statistics Worldwide, people who join the group are given the opportunity to tell something about themselves, their website or company.

People not using LinkedIn can also become a friend of Statistics Worldwide. They can use the contact form to leave a message and a link. Not all messages and links will be added, only the relevant ones.

Free statistical visualizations

If you appreciate free visualizaton software then you will probably like the activities of StatSilk. StatSilk is the producer of the award-winning StatPlanet software. Their clients and users include many well known organizations such as NASA, UNESCO, UNICEF and WHO. StatSilk is based in Melbourne, Australia and was founded in 2009. The StatPlanet software has a longer history and has been under development since 2006 as part of a UNESCO research project to improve the accessibility of research findings. The project benefited from the critical feedback from talented groups of researchers and statisticians.

Learn more about StatWorld, one of the finest examples of use of the software from StatSilk by watching the video below of by clicking on this link that brings you live to StatWorld. The software can also be used for commercial purposes by paying a relatively small license fee.

Many Eyes
Many Eyes is set up to allow the entire internet to upload data, visualize it, and talk about their discoveries with other people. To learn more, start reading the FAQ of Many Eyes or take a tour. Many Eyes is an IBM Research project.

According to Timetric, a young UK company built around the idea that statistics can be made and presented way more usefully than in the past, their business is indexing, aggregating, sorting and organizing the world's economic data from the best public sources. Data can be turned into interactive charts that can be imbedded in websites quite easily. This makes Timetric a very useful tool for journalists and indeed the amount of data is overwhelming. Learn more on Timetric’s explanatory page or visit directly the public datasets available.

Gapminder is a non-profit venture promoting sustainable global development by increased use and understanding of statistics and other information about social, economic and environmental development at local, national and global levels.

Watch this Video to learn about population growth.

Statistical offices worldwide

Statistical information is usually produced at statistical offices worldwide. In this section you can find links to all these statistical offices. Pictures of  statistical offices have been added as much as possible. Pictures of your national statistical office are welcome. If you send more than one picture an extra webpage will be dedicated to your national statistical office. You can use the following email:

About Statistics Worldwide

Statistical information is worldwide available. This site helps you to find this information. But it is also a meeting point for people interested in the process of making statistics and the people that make statistics: statisticians. Sound statistical information helps policy makers - and the people that elect them - to evaluate their policies. Thus statistics open the way to evidence based policy making and more sustainable world development.


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