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Statistical information is very often in the news. In this section you can find information published on Facebook from the World Bank and the OECD. Additional feeds on statistics are welcome. Contact us via team@StatisticsWorldwide.com. In the menu under 'News' more news can be found, for example from the UN.


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Free online magazine on statistics: Significance


Significance is a magazine published jointly by the Royal Statistical Society and the American Statistical Association. The related website, like the print magazine, aims to present news and current events from a statistical perspective, in ways that are interesting and understandable to everyone, whether they are statisticians or not.


As can be read on the site the message of Significance is that statistics are key to almost every important decision and almost every interesting development in modern life. Some are obvious: climate change, finance, the latest medial advances depend crucially upon good interpretation of statistics. Some are unexpected: Significance magazine has had in-depth articles on everything from archaeology to how to handicap a yacht race to deciphering unknown languages to the best easy of classifying single malt whiskeys. Significance website is equally varied, with sections for Environment and Nature, through to Society, Sport and Food and Drink.


New postings are added almost daily. Postings are written by professional statisticians but no knowledge of statistics is required to read them.


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