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Statistical information is usually produced at statistical offices worldwide. In this section you can find links to all the statistical offices. Pictures of statistical offices have been added as much as possible. Additional pictures are welcome. Contact us via


It is also possible to send links to videos of your national statistical office for example available on Youtube or similar sites. We will try to give them a place on Statistics Worldwide.


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Albania: Institute of Statistics
Andorra: Departament d´Estadistica
Austria: Statistics Austria
Belarus: Ministry of Statistics and Analysis
Belgium: Statistics Belgium
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bulgaria: National Statistical Institute of the Republic of Bulgaria
Croatia: Croatian Bureau of Statistics
Czech Republic:

Denmark: Statistics Denmark
Estonia: Statistics Estonia
Faroe Islands: Statistics Faroe Islands
Finland: Statistics Finland
France: National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, INSEE

Federal Statistical Office Germany Statistical Offices of the Länder

Gibraltar: Statistics Office
Greece: National Statistical Service of Greece
Greenland: Statistics Greenland

Hungarian Central Statistical Office

Iceland: Statistics Iceland
Ireland: Central Statistics Office
Italy: National Statistical Institute

Statistical Office of Kosovo

Latvia: Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia
Liechtenstein: Amt für Volkswirtschaft (AVW)

Statistics Lithuania

Luxembourg: Central Service for Statistics and Economic Studies STATEC
Macedonia: State Statistical Office
Malta: National Statistics Office (NSO)
Monaco: Division des Statistiques et des Etudes Economique

Department for Statistics and Sociology of the Republic of Moldova

Montenegro: Statistical Office of the Republic of Montenegro

Statistics Netherlands

Norway: Statistics Norway

Central Statistical Office

Portugal: Statistics Portugal
Romania: National Institute of Statistics
Russian Federation: Federal State Statistics Service
San Marino Office of Economic Planning, Data Processing and Statistics

Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia

Slovakia: Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
Slovenia: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
Spain: National Statistical Institute
Sweden: Statistics Sweden

Swiss Statistics

Ukraine: State Committee of Statistics
United Kingdom:

Office for National Statistics, ONS





Algeria: National Office of Statistics
Benin: Institut National de la Statistique et de l´Analyse Economique
Burkina Faso: Institut National de la Statistique et de la Demographie
Burundi: l'Institut de Statistiques et d'Etudes Economiques du Burundi
Cameroon National Institute of Statistics
Cape Verde: Instituto Nacional de Estadistica
Central African Republic: Direction Générale de la Statistique, des Etudes Economiques et Sociales
Chad: Institut National de la Statistique, des Etudes Economiques et Demographiques
Congo: Centre National de la Statistique et des études éonomiques (CNSEE)
Cote d´Ivoire:

Institut National de la Statistique

Djibouti: Ministére de l`Economie, des Finances et de la Planification Chargé de la Privatisation

Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS)

Equatorial Guinea: Direccién General de Estadéstica y Cuentas Nacionales
Gambia: Central Statistics Department
Ghana Ghana Statistical Service
Guinea Direction Nationale de la Statistique
Guinea-Bissau Instituto Nacional de Estatéstica e Censos
Kenya: Kenya National Bureau of Statistics
Lesotho: Bureau of Statistics

Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Services


National Statististical Office of Malawi

Mali: Direction Nationale de la Statistique et de l´Informatique
Mauritania: Office National de la Statistique
Mauritius: Central Statistics Office
Morocco: Haut Commissariat au Plan

Mozambique: National Institute of Statistics
Namibia: Central Bureau of Statistics
Niger: Institut National de la Statistique
Nigeria: National Bureau of Statistics
Rwanda: Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning
São Tomé e Príncipe Instituto Nacional de Estatéstica
Seychelles: Statistics and Database Administration Section
Senegal: Minéstere de l`Economie et des Finances
South Africa: Statistics South Africa
Sudan: Central Bureau of Statistics
Swaziland: Central Statistical Office
Tanzania: National Bureau of Statistics
Togo: Direction Générale de la Statistique et de la Comptabilité Nationale
Tunisia: Institut National de la Statistique
Uganda: Uganda Bureau of Statistics
Zambia: Central Statistical Office
Zimbabwe: Central Statistical Office



The Americas


Anguilla: Statistics Unit
Argentina: Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Censos
Aruba: Central Bureau of Statistics
Bahamas: Department of Statistics
Barbaodos: Barbados Statistical Service
Belize: Statistical Institute of Belize
Bermuda: Department of Statistics
Bolivia: Instituto Nacional de Estatistica
Brazil: Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica, IBGE
British Virgin Islands: Development Planning Unit
Chile: Instituto Nacional de Estadésticas
Colombia: Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadéstica, DANE
Costa Rica: Instituto Nacional de Estadé­stica y Censos, INEC
Cuba: National Statistics Office
Dominican Republic: Oficina Nacional de Estadéstica
Ecuador: Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Censos del Ecuador, INEC
El Salvador: Direcciën General de Estadéstica y Censos
Greenland: Statistics Greenland
Guatemala: Instituto Nacional de Estadistica
Haiti: L'Institut Haïtien de Statistique et d'Informatique
Honduras: Instituto Nacional de Estadé­stica
Jamaica: Statistical Institute of Jamaica
Mexico: Instituto Nacional de Estadéstica, Geograféa e Informética, INEGI
Nicaragua: Instituto Nacional de Estadésticas y Censos
Panama: Direccion de Estadistica y Censo
Paraguay: Direcciën General de Estadéstica, Encuestas y Censos
Peru: Instituto Nacional de Estadéstica e Informética, INEI
Puerto Rico: Centro de Datos Censales
Saint Lucia: Saint Lucian Government Statistics Department
Suriname: General Bureau of Statistics in Suriname
Trinidad and Tobago:

Central Statistical Office

Uruguay: Instituto Nacional de Estadé­stica
United States (USA):
Venezuela: Oficina Central de Estadéstica e Informética





Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi (SCAD)
Afghanistan: Central Statistics Office
Armenia: Ministry of Statistics State Register and Analysis of the Republic of Armenia
Azerbaijan: State Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan Republic
Bahrain: Central Informatics Organisation, Directorate of Statistics
Bangladesh: Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics
Cambodia: National Institute of Statistics
China: National Bureau of Statistics
Cyprus: Statistical Service of the Republic of Cyprus (CYSTAT)
Georgia: Statistics Georgia
Hong Kong: Census and Statistics Department

Central Statistical Organisation (CSO) and Census of India

Indonesia: Statistics Indonesia
Iran: Statistical Centre of Iran
Iraq: Central Organization for Statistics and Information Technology (COSIT)

Central Bureau of Statistics

Japan: Statistics Bureau & Statistics Center
Jordan: Department of Statistics
Kazakstan: Agency of the Republic on Kazakhstan on Statistics
Korea, Republic of: National Statistical Office
Kuwait: Central Statistical Office
Kyrgyzstan: National Statistical Committee
Laos: Central Administration for Statistics
Lebanon: Office National de la Statistique
Macau: Census and Statistics Department of Macau (DSEC)
Malaysia: Department of Statistics, Malaysia
Maldives: Ministry of Planning and Development, Maldives
Mongolia: National Statistics Office of Mongolia
Myanmar: Central Statistical Organization
Nepal: Central Bureau of Statistics
Oman: National Center for Statistics and Information
Quatar: Statistics Authority
Pakistan: Government of Pakistan, Statistics Division
Palestine: Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
Philippines: National Statistical Coordination Board and National Statistics Office
Saudi Arabia: Central Department of Statistics and Information
Singapore: Statistics Singapore
Sri Lanka: Department of Census and Statistics
Taiwan: Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics
Thailand: National Statistical Office
Timor-Leste: National Statistics Office
Turkey: State Institute of Statistics

State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics

Vietnam: General Statistics Office of Vietnam

Yemen: Central Statistical Organization





American Samoa American Government Samoa Department of Commerce

Australian Bureau of Statistics


Cook Islands: Cook Islands Statistics Office
Fiji: Fiji Islands Bureau of Statistics
French Polynesia: Statistical Institute of French Polynesia
Guam: Bureau of Statistics and Plans
Kiribati: Kiribati Statistics
Marshall Islands: Economic Policy, Planning and Statistics Office
Micronesia: Government of the Federated States of Micronesia
Nauru: Nauru Bureau of Statistics
New Caledonia: Institut de la Statistique et des études économiques Nouvelle-Calédonie
New Zealand: Statistics New Zealand

Niue: Statistics Niue
Northern Mariana Islands Central Statistics Division
Papua New Guinea: National Statistical Office of Papua New Guinea
Palau: Office of Planning & Statistics
Samoa: Samoa Statistical Services Division
Solomon Islands: Solomon Islands National Statistics Office
Tokelau Tokelau Statistics Unit
Tonga: Tonga Statistics Department
Tuvalu: Central Statistics Division
Vanuatu: Vanuatu Statistics Office (Facebook)
Wallis and Futuna: Service Territorial de la Statistique & des Etudes Economiques de Wallis et Futuna

Meanwhile on YouTube


Videos about or produced by statistical offices