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On StatisticsWorldwide we have started also paying attention to books on politics, statistics, mathematics and statistical software (SPSS, SAS and Stata). Many books are available as new books but it is also possible to purchase used copies at very low prices.


Prices are indicative. The latest prices are available on the websites of our partners. Prices can vary according to the condition of used books. The information is updated regularly but we cannot avoid dead links as sometimes only one copy of a book is available.


StatisticsWorldwide is not involved in the process of selling and shipping the books. We are merely promoting the books that we feel are interesting for our audience. As an affiliate we receive some compensation for our efforts. The information on prices is indicative. The latest prices are available in the web shops of our partners.


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Helping to promote literacy


Many of the books that are promoted on StatisticsWorldwide are available on the web shop of Better World Books.


Better World Books was founded in 2002 by three friends from the University of Notre Dame who started selling textbooks online to earn some money. They ended up forming a pioneering social enterprise, a business with a mission to promote literacy.


According to the founders of Better World Books education and access to books are basic human rights. That's why books sold on the web shop of Better World Books help fund high-impact literacy projects in the United States and around the world. Every purchase of a book on their web shop is complemented with a book donation to someone in need. In addition to selling new titles, Better World Books supports book drives and collects used books and textbooks through a network of over 2,300 college campuses and partnerships with over 3,000 libraries in the United States. So far, the company has converted more than 117 million books into over $15 million in funding for literacy and education. In the process, they have also diverted more than 73,000 tons of books from landfills.


The people from Better World Books believe that almost every book has lasting value and the potential to help change the world. They see it as their job to find new homes for unwanted books. Thus far Better World Books has donated over 10 million books to partner programs around the world. Their four primary literacy partners are Books for Africa, Room to Read, Worldfund, and the National Center for Families Learning.


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Prefer an ebook?


Perhaps you need the information in a book as soon as possible or you just prefer using an ebook reader. Then you can purchase an ebook. The ebooks on our listings are the books with a smaller picture. They can be purchased with the links we provide on the website of, a company in the United Kingdom.


An ebook is an electronic copy of a book. You can start reading the ebook as soon as you've paid for it. Ebooks also offer the convenience of size and portability; you can store your entire library on a laptop or other device.


In order to read an ebook, you need to download a small piece of free software known as an ebook reader. Ebooks come in different formats and each format has its own reader software. The format you select will depend upon your operating system (Windows, Mac, etc) and whether you would like to read on a hand held device or on your computer. - Save time and money!

An interesting selection of e-magazines


We have selected some 50 interesting magazines in a pristine digital format with added convenience and interactive features for the Web. You can access and download the magazine instantly, online and take them wherever you go on iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices, or you can read them on your computer.


Not only is it cutting-edge technology, it's also an ecologically friendly way to enjoy the magazines you like. Many digital formats even offer interactive features like video, interactive graphics, sound and animation right in a magazine's pages, plus options to share and search within articles.


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