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Statistics Worldwide was setup to applaud noncommercial initiatives. And that is why we focus on free products. However, not paying any attention to entrepreneurs developing commercial solutions would not do justice to all the creativity they are offering. For that reason we have also devoted attention on this web page to commercial solutions.


The commercial products promoted are all stressing the importance of good visualizations for a proper evaluation of business results. We would like to stress that these products are no less interesting for research organizations and also statistical offices to help them disseminate information in a very professional way.


Hints for additional websites are welcome. Contact us via team@StatisticsWorldwide.com.


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Free Visualization tools


If you appreciate free visualizaton software then you will probably like the activities of StatSilk. StatSilk is the producer of the award-winning StatPlanet software. Their clients and users include many well known organizations such as NASA, UNESCO, UNICEF and WHO. StatSilk is based in Melbourne, Australia and was founded in 2009. The StatPlanet software has a longer history and has been under development since 2006 as part of a UNESCO research project to improve the accessibility of research findings. The project benefited from the critical feedback from talented groups of researchers and statisticians.


Learn more about StatWorld, one of the finest examples of use of the software from StatSilk by watching the video below of by clicking on this link that brings you live to StatWorld. The software can also be used for commercial purposes by paying a relatively small license fee.




Many Eyes
Many Eyes is set up to allow the entire internet to upload data, visualize it, and talk about their discoveries with other people. To learn more, start reading the FAQ of Many Eyes or take a tour. Many Eyes is an IBM Research project.




According to Timetric, a young UK company built around the idea that statistics can be made and presented way more usefully than in the past, their business is indexing, aggregating, sorting and organizing the world's economic data from the best public sources. Data can be turned into interactive charts that can be imbedded in websites quite easily. This makes Timetric a very useful tool for journalists and indeed the amount of data is overwhelming. Learn more on Timetric's explanatory page or visit directly the public datasets available.



Gapminder is a non-profit venture promoting sustainable global development by increased use and understanding of statistics and other information about social, economic and environmental development at local, national and global levels. The so called Trendalyzer software that was developed by the founders of Gapminder unveils the beauty of statistical time series by converting boring numbers into enjoyable, animated and interactive graphics.


In March 2006 Google acquired Trendalyzer and the team of developers who formerly worked for Gapminder has joined Google in California since April 2007. Hans Rosling the founding father of Gapminder is a master in presenting statistics with the drama and urgency of a sportscaster. He is a very popular guest at many conferences. Watch a video of him at one of his best performances. On the gapminder website you can find many more entertaining but also very informative videos of him. If you want to see the trendanalyzer software in action click here.



Tableau Public
Tableau Software is a company based in Seattle that provides software applications for fast analytics and visualization. Several brilliant people, among them one of the founding members of Pixar, Pat Hanrahan, together realized that data visualization could produce large gains in people’s ability to understand information. Rather than analyzing data in text form and then creating visualizations of those findings, Pat and others invented a technology called VizQL™ by which visualization is part of the journey and not just the destination.


With a culture founded on breakthrough innovations built by people who have a passion for helping people, Tableau Software recently released Tableau Public a free service that lets anyone publish interactive data to the web. It is an amazing product. Once on the web, anyone can interact with the data, download it, or create their own visualizations of it. No programming skills are required.


Tableau Public is free available for writers, bloggers, students, professors, hobbyists, journeymen, critics, citizens and more. It’s also meant for organizations, but only as an introductory service, and for continued use requires commercial licensing. The news video below describes the service, including two interviews of bloggers who've used it on their websites.


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Commercial Visualization tools


Beyond 20/20

The Beyond 20/20 software is a comprehensive suite of dissemination, analysis and visualization products for organizational data, for the Internet and desktop environments. Beyond 20/20 solutions can integrate with data warehousing products providing a robust scalable web based reporting solution. These solutions have provided customers with the ability to dynamically access complex data through tabular presentations, maps and charts allowing them to identify cycles, trends and geographic distributions.


For more than 20 years, Beyond 20/20 has supported the unique requirements of statistical agencies with its solutions. Beyond 20/20s statistical data publishing solutions combine powerful data analysis and visualization software, tools that facilitate data aggregation, and data analysis as well as professional IT services, including hosting. We will sent Beyond 20/20 an invitation to become a registered supporter of Statistics Worldwide. Contact Beyound 20/20.



Dundas Dashboard

Dundas Dashboard brings together all of the tools needed to build meaningful, interactive and fully customized dashboards in one easy to use platform. Canadian based company Dundas Data Visualizations Inc. claims that for over 15 years, it has worked behind-the-scenes to provide award-winning data visualization components to software developers. Some of the data visualizations embedded in many popular business information applications were built by Dundas.


Dundas Dashboard offers over 40 distinct visualizations, from charts, gauges and maps to scorecards, sparklines and state indicators. The attractive visualizations are all customizable. Integrations with a long list of data sources is possible, including SQL, Oracle, Excel, Access, MS OLAP, SAP BW, Teradata, Visual FoxPro and Google Analytics.


Learn more about the possibilities of Dundas Dashboard by watching the video below from their TV-channel on YouTube. Many tutorials can be found there. We will sent Dundas an invitation to become a registered supporter of Statistics Worldwide. Contact Dundas Data Visualizations, Inc.





Trend Compass is data visualization software using animated motion charts. It is similar to a well known Google Widget and Hans Rosling's Trendalyzer software using animated charts. Working with these charts is a new trend in data visualization. Motion Charts add a new variable which we can call "T" or Time, which makes the chart tell an enjoyable story of the data.


Unlike the Google solutions Trend Compass allows the company data to stay inside the firewall, it also doesn't require any opening of Google during a presentation, and it looks more flexible. This does mean that it is likely to be more suitable for statistical offices to work with this product than with the Google solutions that are also powerful but less controleable. Google can change the looks of its services without having to communicate with its free users. For many statistical offices this is not an acceptable practise.


Trend Compass comes with a free downloadable trial version. It has a feature to export EXE, PPS, HTML and AVI files. The latter giving the possibility of recording Audio/Video for the charts created.


Epic Systems is the company in Egypt behind Trend Compass. It claims to be an independent Information Technology services Company that provides innovative IT business and technology solutions to clients around the world.


Click here for a demo of Trend Compass. or watch the video below. We will sent Epic Systems an invitation to become a registered supporter of Statistics Worldwide. Contact Epic Systems.





ADVIZOR Solutions is a Chicago based provider of easy-to-use business analysis software. Built on patented in-memory-data-management and interactive data visualization software spun out of world class predictive analytics and Bell Labs research and development on how human beings perceive and react to displayed information, ADVIZOR claims in press releases to enable people to make better and faster fact-based decisions from their business data.


For statistical offices business data is mainly data from questionnaires and the solutions of ADVIZOR can offer them tools for visually cleaning data from respondents. With ADVIZOR data is loaded into a "Data Pool" in main memory on a desktop or laptop computer, or server. This enables instantaneously update all visualizations. Multiple tables of data are easily imported from a variety of sources.


In the video Douglas A. Cogswell, President and Chief Executive Officer explains in an interview more about ADVIZOR. A lot of tutorials are also available. We will sent ADVIZOR Solutions an invitation to become a registered supporter of Statistics Worldwide. Contact ADVIZOR.





SmarterFacts creates mobile and web reports that help businesses make smarter decisions through better data analysis. ConstruQtive the developer claims that intuitive point & click reports are easy to create and view and that their web based reports are up and running in minutes. Click here to see a live demo of the software or watch the video below.


ConstruQtive is a small, dynamic, innovative team of data experts based in Warrington, North West England. We will sent ConstruQtor an invitation to become a registered supporter of Statistics Worldwide. Contact ConstruQtor.




Spotfire Professional

TIBCO Spotfire Professional makes it easy to build and deploy reusable analytic applications over the web. Spotfire analytics does all this by letting you interactively query, visualize, aggregate, filter, and drill into datasets of virtually any size. To create web-based Spotfire analytic applications, users of Spotfire Professional have to save their work on the Spotfire Server.


TIBCO claims that there is no separate publishing step and no need for IT programming. Spotfire Web Player analysts only need a compatible browser and no plug-ins or installers to run. See the live-demo's here. Or watch the video below.


TIBCO Software Inc is a large US based company with more than 4000 clients worldwide. We will sent TIBCO an invitation to become a registered supporter of Statistics Worldwide. Contact TIBCO.



In the spotlight: a Swiss company


Interactive Things, a design and technology studio based in Zürich, Switzerland, has created a very interesting website about datavisualization: www.datavisualization.ch.


The website is full of news on datavisualization and infographics and a real knowledge resource. Interactive Things really succeeds in its mission to provide the latest research findings and most topical use cases in this field. All this comes with a video channel on Vimeo with many interesting videos.


One of the most interesting parts of the website is the tools page (see below in a frame). It is a collection of tools that are warmly recommended by the professionals from Interactive Things. According to them it is 'a thoughtfully curated selection of our favourite tools that will make your life easier creating meaningful and beautiful data visualizations.'


If you want to support the great work of Interactive Things use one or more of the social media buttons at the end.